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Susan Andrewes

Susan Andrewes

“My life and my impact have improved dramatically. I have become much clearer about how I work and how profoundly it changes my clients’ lives.

By communicating more powerfully and delivering more value, I have proposed—and had accepted—strong five-figure fees that just a few short years or even months ago would have seemed impossible to me. And my income has sky-rocketed.

Not only that, but the results I have created feel entirely effortless, and I am now working only with extraordinary clients who inspire me with their bold vision for their lives.

In addition to that, this year I have met one of my heroes—something that also seemed impossible to me a few months ago. And I am now launching The Extraordinary People Project, which has me excited about what is to come and the impact that I can make in the world. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize what I have achieved and to see that it is real.

Working with Rich has been life-changing. I have a deep sense of being heard and understood, and that is both rare and incredibly powerful. Rich has an amazing ability to know just when to challenge me and raise the stakes, and just when to gently support me in a way that has me feel both safe to be myself, and inspired and challenged to dream bigger and explore what I am truly capable of.”

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