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Terrance Thames

Terrance Thames

“Before coaching with Rich, life felt very average and capped. I thought I had already made my biggest dent in the coaching world, with little more to look forward to. And then I Apprenticed with Rich and created some extraordinary results: This year, I billed around $400,000 in coaching fees. The year before I billed just $15,000. My clients are by invitation and referral only and I still don’t have a website. I am much more relaxed around money. And I have a deep inner knowing that I can create money whenever I want to, when I follow what I have learned in our time together. When I first met Rich, I shared a dream of how I wanted my coaching practice to look. I wanted to travel the world with my clients. We even envisioned my “Ibiza Project” where a client and I spend 10 days together, on an adventure of a lifetime. Today is a special day. You see, I am typing this sitting by the pool in Ibiza, Spain, relaxing and getting ready for my client to show up to celebrate all of the successes that they had while working with me. I turned my vision into my reality. Coaching with Rich was my own adventure of a lifetime.”

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