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The 4 Keys To Creating High-Performing, High-Fee Clients

When I was 22, I faced a painful dilemma…  

You see, I was teaching science at a junior high school in Botswana. I lived in a rural village, near the border with Zimbabwe. My kids literally lived in huts made from mud – it was the perfect building material for the climate. Education was so precious that they would run the 3-5 mile journey to school every day.

But the percentage of students who went from junior high school to senior high school – from a rural village like ours – was as low as 5%. We’d be lucky if 2 or 3 kids went to the next level of schooling each year.

So my dilemma was whether to teach high level science with the hopes of maybe one extra child getting a higher grade but most likely frustrating or boring the majority of kids. Or whether to make science fun and interesting to every child.

I chose the latter. I made Science fascinating and motivating for everyone. The kids loved my classes! 

I tell you this story because we have just wrapped our most powerful Intensive yet. 150 leaders and coaches traveled to San Diego from as far as Australia to spend 4 days together, focused on one thing alone: creating extraordinary clients.

I know why this Intensive had such an impact on everyone. It is because I chose very differently from all those years back… 

I chose to treat everyone at this Intensive as if they were a member of Project Kairos – my high level program for coaches creating clients.

Project Kairos is designed for C-Suite and SVP level leaders or successful entrepreneurs, who have transitioned into coaching. One of the members is already oversubscribed for 2019. She has clients paying for coaching that can’t even start until 2020. Another member has 10 clients at $100K each.

At the Intensive, I taught the 4 keys to creating high-performing, high-fee clients:

1.Powerful People

There’s nothing more important than building your inner confidence and professional self esteem as a successful coach or consultant. You really need to surround yourself with extraordinary coaches and stop hanging out with needy coaches. You also need to be unlike most coaches on the planet by auditioning your clients. Filter for 10s.

2.Powerful language

You need to master The Prosperous Coach Approach with high-level client creation skills to enroll (and retain) high-performing, high-fee clients. Your language literally creates your clients

3.Powerful stories

You need to get and be able to explain how your prior career and successes are directly related to your career as a professional coach. You need to craft powerful stories that enroll clients.

4.Powerful coaching

You need to master high level coaching skills to coach high level clients. Here is the Deep Coaching Scorecard that you can use to assess and uplevel your skills. 

If you want my single biggest tip for growing your community and challenging your clients to accomplish more than they’ve ever done, it’s this: Treat all of your clients as if they were the top 20% of your clients…

It’s how I approached this Intensive and we had a blast!  

You may recall a chapter in The Prosperous Coach called Never Propose To A Woman 10 Days after You’ve Met Them. But sometimes you just know. And that’s precisely what I did. And Monique and I have now been married for 12 years!

Sometimes you just know. And it’s okay to say to someone, I am up to something really cool. Would you like to join me?

We’ve just opened the doors for Project Kairos 2020. It’s my most exciting program yet. And the first few spots have already been reserved.

I am up to something really cool. Would you like to join me?

Love. Rich


PS. We launched Project Kairos in July and the connection and mutual support between the members is already priceless. Here are some of us having dinner at the Intensive:

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