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The 7-Figure Entrepreneur With 2 Secrets

Tony is dyslexic. As a young child at school, he got his letters and words mixed up. Teachers back then didn’t understand him. And the other kids laughed at him.

He left school driven with a sense of anger.

He kept his dyslexia secret for years.

But he did find a way to turn it into one of his greatest superpowers.

Driven by a sense of “I’ll show you!”, he went on to create seven figure businesses.

With that drive, he went on to get a black belt in judo and almost compete in the Olympics.

With that drive, he’s been an entrepreneur for over 30 years.


Years later, he had kids of his own and his wife and son were in tears one day, pleading with him not to leave on yet another business trip.

He broke down in tears ashamed at himself, when he realized that the business was bringing in millions but he had no balance in his life.

He wasn’t present in his own kids’ lives. And at that rate his relationship would be over, too.

So he sold the business.

And he moved his family to Hawaii.

And he became a coach, supporting high level entrepreneurs, just like him.

And he built a practice, working two days a week.

With the rest of the time, he played with his boys and he surfed in the ocean and he rebuilt his relationship with his wife.


That little boy who struggled in school, who became a young man driven by a sense of anger is now driven by a sense of making a real difference.

Tony is currently raising multiple millions of dollars to build schools in Hawaii that teach children who think differently—just like he does. He’s helping them to realize that thinking differently is actually their very gift in the world.

Love. Rich

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