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The Coach’s Paradox

A good coach explains.
An excellent coach demonstrates.
A great coach inspires.
A masterful coach creates the space for miracles to occur. (And then their clients think they did it themselves!)

The Coach’s Paradox: If a client has great results, they’ll be proud of them but forget they created them in partnership with you.

Which means your job, on a regular basis, is to help your clients see—and feel—the impact of your coaching.

  1. At least once a quarter… ask each client to look back over the past 90 days and answer the question, “What are you proud of?” If needed, tell them to look at their calendar and their bank account. That’s where the truth lies. Then ask them, “How does that make you feel?”
  2. In your penultimate coaching session… before the end of a coaching program, ask your client four questions, “Cast your mind back to a month before we started working together: What were your biggest struggles? What were your biggest fears? What was holding you back the most? And how have things changed since then?” Then ask them, “How does that make you feel?”
  3. After a client shares a great accomplishment… ask them, “Where in your body do you feel that the most?” Then say something like this, “I love it when clients share success stories like yours. And one of my biggest challenges, as I build my business by word-of-mouth, is asking for referrals. But I would be remiss after a story like yours if I didn’t ask you: Who do you know who could also benefit from coaching like this?” Then go silent. Bite your tongue if you need to. 

Love. Rich 


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