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The Formula To Becoming A Struggling Coach

In The Prosperous Coach, I wrote:


“The barrier to entry for coaching is now SO low that literally anyone can become a coach. There are companies that will certify you for free, and almost every “coach training company” promises immediate wealth and success if you will just sign up for their coach training.

This means that many people experience coaching at the lowest end of the skill spectrum. Coaches who have trained online, coaches who have done a weekend workshop, and coaches who have simply read a book about coaching are hanging out their shingles and offering free sessions to tempt potential clients.
It’s no wonder that despite the incredible results that real coaching can generate for clients, many people will have a poor experience of coaching.

But you don’t have to be one of those coaches.

You can be extraordinary if you are willing to put in the time, educate yourself, and turn pro.

Use that high bar for success to your advantage.

Be one of the committed coaches willing to clear that bar.”

1. See that you have a gift for helping people.

2. Discover that you can be PAID to do what you LOVE. (It’s called coaching).

3. Sign up for a coach training course.

4. Finish your coach training and WAIT for the clients to come rolling in.

5. Irritate all of your friends and family by raving about the power of coaching.

6. Coach everyone you know. WITHOUT PERMISSION.

7. Sign up for a Magic 7-Step System GUARANTEED to help you succeed as a coach (but only one that is run by an internet marketer—not a professional coach).

8. Invest thousands (and thousands) of dollars – and hundreds (and hundreds) of hours creating a beautiful website, a glossy business card, a social media presence, an SEO strategy, a twenty-five minute taster session, a facebook page, a twitter following, an instagram account, a pinterest whatever-it’s-called, and sign up for a series of weekly network marketing breakfast meetings.

9. Wait for the clients to show up.

10. Sign few clients. Make little money. Get more and more frustrated.

1. See that you have a gift for helping people.

2. Discover that you can be PAID to do what you LOVE. (It’s called coaching).

3. Understand that your coach training is just the FIRST part of your life-long Professional Development.

4. Read The Prosperous Coach.

5. Connect. Invite. Create. Propose.

6. Coach. Coach. Coach. (And invest in your own coach).

7. Serve. Serve. Serve. (Serve your clients don’t please them).

8. Practice Client Astonishment.

9. Look for clients who inspire YOU, not clients you can inspire.

10. Keep raising the bar. There’s NO ‘magic formula’. Find out what works for YOU. Leave the rest.

Love. Rich

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