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The growth zone

This is a photo of me sweating as I push a weight training sled.  

It’s a piece of equipment that’s great for conditioning your body. (Or an instrument of torture if you’re not feeling it that day!)

It engages your glutes, hips, back, hamstrings, calves, core, triceps, and shoulders all at once. It’s an incredibly challenging cardio workout that burns fat and builds muscle.

A traditional sled is basically a set of weights attached to a cord for pulling, or vertical metal bars for pulling. It gains momentum as you push faster, so it gets easier the faster you go.

But I’m using a brand of sled called The TANK, which is actually the opposite. 

It uses a magnetic resistance brake system that prevents you from accelerating and pushes you to work harder the quicker you run.

Basically, the faster you push it, the harder it gets.

Now I’m the slow down to speed up guy. Which makes this machine my nemesis! 

In theory, I should love The TANK because the slower I go, the easier it is to push. 

But my trainer shouts at me, “Run faster. Run faster!” And the faster I run, the harder it gets. 

And I’m not at the gym to feel comfortable. 

I’m there to go to the very edges of my comfort zone. If I don’t leave with my muscles aching or soaked in sweat it usually means I didn’t push myself enough. (It’s why I have a trainer by the way. I can’t push myself as much as someone else can.)

Often, in life and business, you need to slow down to speed up. 

But sometimes you need to break a sweat and push yourself into your growth zone. It’s where the magic happens…  

Love. Rich


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