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The hidden danger of success

Top performers rarely switch off. It’s the Catch 22 of success. 

The more driven you are, the more success you have. The more success you have, the more pressure you feel. The more pressure you feel, the more driven you are…


Do you know that little voice that whispers, inside your head: “If you stop working so hard it will all go away…”?

Do you ever notice that the more success you have, the more you have to lose?

Do you know the feeling that the more money you make, the more you wait for the other shoe to drop?

I know all of these so well. And so do many of my clients. 

In fact, my guilty secret is that I thrive on the pressures that success can bring. 

You see, I’m a great problem solver. I learned long ago to run on adrenaline. So, I leave challenges to the last minute – when I can swoop in and save the day. In fact, I’m so good at solving problems that I unconsciously create new ones just to solve them!

But there’s a cost to this and eventually I burn out. It’s a subconscious pattern I’ve repeated many times, over the years. 

If you coach highly successful people, you need to go deep… 

I once coached a client who runs a non-profit that generates millions of dollars a year and makes a real difference to childrens’ lives. 

You’re not paid a lot in the non-profit world and she wanted my help to build a side business as a coach/consultant, with just a few 1:1 clients. 

It would have been easy for me to teach her the skills and tools I teach executives and entrepreneurs to build a coaching business. But, first, I needed to go deep. 

I knew she’d raised millions for her non-profit. So she had no problem in creating money for others. What was the block in creating money for herself, I wondered?

I asked her about her family’s relationship to money when she was a kid. And with tears in her eyes, she told me how her family had a great life when she was young, until her single mother lost her job. And then they’d struggled for years to make ends meet. 

We uncovered one of the unconscious reasons she’s never made a lot of money as an adult. She’s terrified that if she’s financially successful – one day she’ll lose it all. Just like her mother. 

The more money she makes, the more she has to lose. 

The less money she makes, the less she has to lose. 

With a belief like this, of course she wasn’t making money…

Seeing this deep, hidden belief was a game-changer for her. And since that conversation she’s been able to create a handful of high-paying clients that generate the money to create a great lifestyle for her family, while continuing to raise millions for her non-profit.

One of the dangers of being a great coach is that you can quickly see how to help your client… 

But if you jump in too quickly, you’ll miss the unconscious competing commitments that are in the way of your client having what they say they want. 

This woman was super sharp. I could have quickly taught her the skills to enroll high-performing, high-fee clients. But if I hadn’t found out what was really going on, these skills would have been useless.

When I coach leaders, former executives, entrepreneurs – and coaches and consultants – who want to create clients, I always go deep.

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Love. Rich

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