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The Last 10 Minutes

If you’re an entrepreneur you may know the feeling of creating a big vision, then getting super scared and overwhelmed and finally, in the last few minutes, pulling it all together…

WHY WAIT? What if you could bring the creativity and focus of the last 10 minutes, to your current project, right now?

When a couple is about to end their relationship they are sometimes more loving and caring towards each other in that last 10 minutes than they’ve been in the past 10 years…

WHY WAIT? What if you could bring the energy of the last 10 minutes of your relationship, to your relationship, right now?

A coach told me that in the last 10 minutes of a 6 month coaching agreement with a powerful client she finally plucked up the courage to ask the questions that would really serve her. The client said those questions changed her life.

WHY WAIT? What if you could bring the power of the last 10 minutes of your coaching to your client, right now?

Tick, tock…

Stop waiting.

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