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The Last Intensive

It’s been 10 years since I ran my first ever Intensive. I’ve run over 50 Intensives in that time. 

My first one ever was simply called “The Intensive.” 

Over the years they’ve become known as The Rich Litvin Intensive – or the RLI.

My first 3 Intensives were for 30 people. I ran them with Steve Chandler, in a hotel basement room with no widows. I would enroll 15 people and he’d enroll 15 people. They were word-of-mouth because no one had ever heard of us. We filled them one conversation at a time. 

I’ve run small private Intensives, with a handful of my top clients, at world-class boutique hotels and sleeping under the stars at a wolf sanctuary. 

I’ve run live, in-person Intensives in 5 star hotels for 150+ people, with a team of over 30 people supporting me. 

I’ve run virtual Intensives for 300 people – completely alone – from my home office. 

The RLI is my flagship program where I train coaches (from beginners to 20 year veterans) in enrolling and creating high-performing, high-fee clients. It’s an opportunity to join my incredible community and surround yourself with the world’s most fascinating coaches. 

I recently ran a hybrid Intensive for the members of 4PC. I had clients fly in to join me in person in Santa Fe. And I had clients as far afield as Canada, Kenya and Luxembourg join us on Zoom. We invested almost $50,000 on an event planner and an AV team in the room, to make it feel like a seamless experience for all of our clients. 

I’ve run 50+ Intensives but I’ve never run the same event twice. It’s the reason I have clients come back – year after year, after year.

What could you commit to for the next 10 years?

What could you do over 50 times, yet be as motivated and energized by #50 as you were the very first time?

Love. Rich


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