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The Most Precious Asset for High-Performing Clients is Time, Not Money…

A poor coach describes. A good coach explains. An excellent coach demonstrates. A great coach inspires. 

A masterful coach creates the space for miracles to occur… And their clients think they did it themselves!

Listen in, as I coach Marli. She’s the Vice President of an International Pharmaceutical Company which manufactures products for very rare diseases. Marli is a very accomplished leader, who heads up an international team of 60 people. 

She wanted me to help her get clarity on what’s next for her. But I coach around insight and 1 Insight can change everything

Plus, as you’ll hear, sometimes a life-changing insight can come in less than 5 minutes!

Love. Rich 


P.S. For high-performing, high-fee clients, their most precious asset is often time, not money. They’ll invest more money for less time, coaching… 

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