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“The Power of The Status Quo”

You know why I love coaching more than one person at a time?

It’s because when I am coaching one person, I am actually coaching everyone in the room. 

Today, I coached, Matt and Cathy…  

Matt is a former VP who has created multi-million dollar deals. He left that all behind for his dream career as a coach. He wanted me to tell him how to value his time and believe in himself, in order to create coaching clients. But instead, I messed with his thinking. And he had an insight, in less than ten minutes, that will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in future coaching fees… 

Cathy is a former head of digital marketing for a big company in Canada. She had a 6-figure salary and a 14 year career in the corporate world. She is also a cancer survivor. And she is a giver; most coaches are. But some succeed and others struggle. And after the insight Cathy had, she won’t be struggling any longer… 

Here’s a powerful article on the difference between coaches who succeed vs coaches who struggle: 

Click here to listen to the episode “The power of the status quo.” 

Love. Rich 

PS. 4PC is my community of extraordinary leaders. And it is not for everyone. In fact, the entrance requirement is that you are a little in awe of us and we are a little in awe of you. As an old African proverb says: If you’d like to go fast, go alone. If you’d like to go far, go together…

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