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The rules that bind others don’t have to bind you…

Leaders rise to the top because they think differently. 

And the rules that bind others don’t have to apply to you. Or to your clients.

Since great coaching is about helping leaders to think differently, here are 11 counterintuitive ways to help you think differently:

  1. Leaders double down on their support when times are hard. Coach leaders, not followers.
  2. Walk your talk. Hire a coach who scares you a little. 
  3. When everyone else is thinking short-term, think long-term. Get clear on your purpose. Write a book. Research clients who are out of your league. Reflect on what you’ll be doing in 25 years and start on it now.
  4. A Done List beats a To Do List. Leaders focus on goals, opportunities and the future. That’s inspiring but it’s endless. You’ll never reach the horizon. At least once a week, look back and make a list of everything you’ve accomplished that week. 
  5. Seek inspiring people to learn from, to connect with and to support. Angela Tennison gave up her job in 2007, to support an unknown man on a mission. Everyone told her she was crazy. Turns out he was Barack Obama. And Angela served as his personal aide in The White House, for 7 years. [Listen in as I coach Angela on her latest challenge]. 
  6. People are looking for a leader. Be brave. Play big. Lead. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s doing what needs to be done, even when you feel scared. And you can do scared. 
  7. Vulnerability is your superpower. Great leaders aren’t afraid to make mistakes. Real experts aren’t afraid to say, “I don’t know.” 
  8. Great coaching, like great leadership, is intuitive. And intuition is actually high-level, complex pattern recognition. Keep training your intuition.
  9. Social media is anti-social. One deep connection tops 1,000 likes on Facebook. Once a day, go deep with one fascinating person. 
  10. Disrupt yourself. Assume that your entire business model won’t work in 12 months. Start changing it now.
  11. Break the rules. If you want to be successful look at whatever everyone else is doing and do the opposite. (I just saw someone offering one hour calls to train people how to use Zoom, for $3. You’ll never win a race to the bottom. Play in the other direction and the market is infinite).

Let me know at least one way that you think differently to most people you know. 

Love. Rich


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