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It’s easy to be a successful coach when the economy is booming. Here’s how to thrive during a recession…

I’m freshly returned from two months of travel – to Tanzania, Paris, London and Hawaii. I’ll give you a full update on the weekend but for now let’s dive straight into helping you flourish while everyone else is worried about a recession…

You see, it’s easy to be a successful coach when the economy is booming – and everyone is locked down at home. But if you want to be successful during challenging times, you need to double down on at least five of the following. And if you spend the next year focusing on all ten, you’ll fly:

Create so much value for your clients that you can increase your prices when everyone else is lowering theirs.

Build and nurture a community who are so grateful for your support within an extraordinary community that they are happy to invest in it when they’re cutting back everywhere else.

Make Client Astonishment part of the lifeblood of your company. I once hired someone to be our Client Astonishment officer. Quickly let them go when I realized that Client Astonishment is a value, not a role. You must be thinking about it constantly.

Be more creative than you have ever been. Every year, 80% of your offerings and ideas should be completely different to the year before.

Put more attention on your top clients than ever before. What would you need to do so that in a year’s time, 100% of your clients are the caliber of your current top 20%?

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    • Massively increase your Confidence
    • Build world-class Coaching Skills
    • Become masterful at Client Creation
    • Understand the secrets of Cash Creation

6. YOU
Take better care of your health, nutrition and exercise than you’ve ever done. You need to be in the best shape of your life. You’ve got to have your body feeling world-class before your business.

Love the heck out of your kids and your partner. How you show up for them in challenging times is key. You need to model to your kids that stress is a state of mind. And it’s time to plan better date nights than you’ve had in years. Don’t bring your business problems to your romantic partner (unless you’ve specifically agreed to discuss them).

Model for your team how to take care of themselves. Pressure is ok. Stress is not. Coach team members to remove stress from their life. And being strong doesn’t mean doing it all. Lean on your team for support. Ask for help. Teach them how to be a superhero to you and the company.

Invest in your own coaching and training like never before. Invest in your business, not the stock market, gold, digital currency or NFTs. When you invest in yourself while everyone else is cutting back, you’ll stand head and shoulders above the crowd. When the market takes off again, you’ll fly.

Forget Facebook ads and SEO optimization. There are 5 unique marketing methods that preeminent coaches use constantly:

1) Superhero Marketing: Make your clients superheroes by telling their stories to the world.

2) Advocate Marketing: create opportunities for your top clients to mingle with other clients and potential clients. They’ll sing your praises naturally and enroll clients without you.

3) Scorecard Marketing: create quizzes, scorecards and assessments that turn buyers into sellers. “How did I do? Would you accept me?”

4) Value-Based Marketing: constantly create so much value to people who are not yet clients that it’s a no-brainer for them to pay you money. They already feel that they’ve made their investment back.

5) Referral marketing: if you want great referrals you must do two things: (1) Make great referrals, (2) Ask for great referrals. Don’t hold back: you are giving your clients a gift when you give them an opportunity to recommend your support to people they love and admire.

Love. Rich


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