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Tiny Shifts Have a Massive Impact (2 stories)

If I told you that an hour of your time could change your life—for ever—would you want to know more?

If I told you that a single insight could make you more money than you’ve ever made—would you be curious?

And if I told you that one of my clients asked me a single question that helped me make a million dollars—would you want to know what it was?


I want to tell you TWO stories. Both are about the power of tiny shifts.

The first is the story of a group of leaders who have achieved incredible success. The second is the story of a group of coaches who are immersed in how to create clients.


I spent last week in the company of some of the most incredible coaches I know. And if you missed our conversation the first time I want to give you a reason to listen in now…

4PC is our community of high level coaches and leaders. But they all live a very real life—with ups and downs, successes and struggles.   

If you missed it the first time, watch this now to hear:

  • How Karen enrolled a coaching client in an airport waiting room. By the way, he’s an NFL player. She’s 5’ 2” and all of her clients are now 6’ 5” and world-class athletes!
  • How Helen transitioned from being the Senior VP of a billion dollar corporation to making only $20K a year and feeling really lonely in her first year as a coach. By her second year in 4PC she billed $500,000.
  • How Jeanine handled the emotional turmoil of the loss of a pregnancy (she now has a beautiful little baby!). How I coached her in the midst of her grief. And how she coached me around taking my business to the next level with a single powerful question.

We created 4PC as a safe place where you can never get too big and never get too messy. So it was lovely to read the feedback after this session:

“This is the first time I’ve heard of a group of people where all is welcome while creating a life from a place I can only dream of!”

“Your compassion for each other is so apparent. Love the energy!”

“Jeanine, seeing you alongside your baby and yet playing full on now is so very inspiring. Love to you and more power to you.”


Giovanna trained as a surveillance operative in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She’s also a trained holistic healer and our Lead Associate Coach. As a coach she is magical. As an enroller she is masterful. When I met her, I asked her to join my team almost on the spot!

This week we recorded her coaching and teaching three top performers through their Client Creation challenges. Don’t miss it. You’ll learn:

  • How to build confidence to coach in a completely new field
  • How to create connection without attachment
  • How to propose a big project to a corporate client
  • The secret of the clown nose!
  • And more…

Here’s some of the feedback from people who joined the session:

“I’m really getting how we can scare ourselves by jumping ahead several steps! Great to take away the reminder that we take it one step at a time!”

“The most profound connections come from a place of deep curiosity.”

“This was one of the very best webinars I’ve ever done – many, many thanks. Giovanna – you are very impressive!”

I asked you at the start of this message: If I told you that an hour of your time could change your life—for ever—would you want to know more?

Can I promise you that a single conversation will shift everything? Can I promise you that a single insight will transform your life? Can I promise you that a single question will make you a million dollars?

No. Of course I can’t.

But I can tell you that deep conversations, surprising insights and powerful questions make all the difference in the world IF you take action. Tiny steps make an astonishing difference.

I truly recommend you take a little time out of your day to watch one or both of these videos.

Love. Rich


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