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Tools and Manifestos and Scorecards. Oh my!

I have spent a decade and a half creating dozens of tools, manifestos and scorecards. Today, I want to share with you some of my favorites…

The Prosperous Coach Approach

1. The Prosperous Coach
Where it all began… Get the book on Amazon and immerse yourself in it. There’s a reason it still sells 2,000 copies a month, almost 10 years after it was published. It’s most fun to listen to on Audible but – be warned – you’ll probably buy the paperback too. Most people do!

2. The Client Creation Dashboard

If you’re not yet playing the 90 Day Money Game – or tracking your NOs, you need to be!

3. The Litvin Levels

What level is your coaching practice?

4. The Extraordinary Coach Scorecard

Assess yourself on the 8 qualities of an extraordinary coach…

5. The Deep Coaching Scorecard

It’s time to seriously up-level your coaching skills

Tools for Clients

1. 121 Powerful Questions

More questions than you could ask in a year of coaching!

2. The 3×3 Tool

A tool to help you distinguish your Dream Clients. But, I’ll save you a little time… Your dream client is YOU!

3. The Energy Audit Tool

If I was only allowed to use a single tool with my clients, ever, this would be it. Use this with your clients once a quarter and their lives will transform. Use it yourself and feel its impact.

4. The Hell Yes/Hell No Tool

A powerful decision making tool. 

5. The Perfect System

This coaching tool will help you upgrade your mindset. And your world. Here’s the article that explains it. 

More Scorecards

1. The Exponential Success Scorecard

Want to really fly to the highest levels of success?

2. The Arc of Fascination Scorecard

Learn to sell how great coaches sell. Begin by sharing ideas, then grow an audience, then build your community


1. The Coaching in Challenging Times Playbook

Leadership is hard and times are challenging. But you can do hard. You were born for this moment. And I’ve got your back. 

2. The Rules of Coaching

Advice for leaders who want to be extraordinary coaches. There’s only one rule. Do what I tell you!

3. Rich’s Rules

Top performers don’t need a handbook to become successful. They need a playbook for the other side of success…

4. Rich’s Manifesto

A Manifesto is a tool for codifying your advice – to yourself. I read my personal Manifesto every morning as a powerful way to create my life.

The Coaching Journey

1. 4PC – The Perfect Fit tool

Find out if 4PC is for you… 

2. Transition Excellence – The Perfect Fit tool

Find out if Transition Excellence is for you… 

There’s a ton more IP and ideas for you in the articles section of my site. Or watch my videos. Or listen to my podcast.

Love. Rich


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