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Transition Excellence

Do you remember thinking about leaving a career you’d outgrown but you were more afraid of the unknown than the pain of staying where you were? Should I stay? Should I go? I kinda hope they fire me!

Do you know that feeling of doubt and insecurity that comes after you’ve left a career? Did I make the right decision? What if it doesn’t work out? Is it too late to go back?  

In 2005, I had transition thrust upon me when I was fired from a job as a Vice Principal. Losing my job was traumatic and humiliating and I basically ran away to a beach in Thailand. But within a month, I had made a very conscious transition to become a professional coach.

As of this month, I’ve now been a high-performance coach longer than I was a high-school teacher. And I was a teacher for 15 years…

Either side of transition is a hard place to be

I have a real soft spot for people in transition. I am always in awe of people who choose to leave a safe, secure job for the unknown. I had to get fired in order to go on that path. And I really love meeting people once they’ve made a transition. It’s an exciting place to be but it’s also often filled with fear and second-guessing yourself.

For over a year, I have been working on a secret project called Transition Excellence 

For the past decade, I have built a world-class reputation for helping high-level leaders become high-level coaches. 

And this week, I am launching Transition Excellence to support leaders to become coaches – with high-performing, high-fee clients – in just 100 days. 

What you don’t need is another coach training.

What you do need is deep confidence, cutting-edge coaching practices and high-level enrollment skills. You need clarity on your role and message as a coach. You need to know who your dream clients are and how to reach them and engage them. And you need to build an unwavering confidence in order to coach elite clients – people at the top of their game.

  • Transition Excellence is a self-paced learning program, split into 13 modules. 
  • You’ll have a series of 6 group Ask Me Anything sessions, so I can answer your burning questions. And you’ll get deep clarity around any challenges you might be having. 
  • You’ll have access to an exclusive Transition Excellence online community, so you can connect with other high-level leaders and coaches to share strategies and ideas. 
  • You’ll have a course handbook, as well as tools and assessments to track your progress. 
  • And you’ll have access to a private success library, full of incredible resources to help you accelerate your progress. 

You’ll also have a dedicated Transition Excellence Ambassador, for guidance and support. Varian Brandon has been a client of mine for over six years. She was a founder member of 4PC and she’s now on the faculty of 4PC.

Varian understands transition from the inside out. When we first met, she was a senior sales executive in the corporate world. She’d been a high level executive for over 20 years. And she kept that job for our first three years of coaching together. She took on coaching clients but she didn’t let go of the safety of her corporate job until she was ready. Now she has a coaching practice that is so oversubscribed, her events in 2021 were sold out at the start of 2020. Now that’s what I call a transition!

Would you like to be a pioneer? 

We are limiting our first cohort to 40 members. You’ll get more attention and support from me than in any future cohort… 

The first 2 spots have already been reserved by clients who heard what I am up to. And in 24 hours we will be sending this message to our wider online community.  

It’s time to transition into excellence. 

Learn more or book a call with a member of my team.

Love. Rich 


PS. Our first ever 4PC Accelerator begins soon. Become known as the expert in your field.


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