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Truly Rich

Coaching clients usually sign up with you because they want more… More money, more impact, more influence, more profit, more happiness… 

But they’ve rarely defined their metrics for more and they’ve almost never decided what would be enough

Lao Tzu was an ancient Chinese philosopher, most famous for writing the Tao Te Ching, around 2,600 years ago. There’s a line in there that has always struck me: 

I realize I have enough, that is why I am truly rich. 

It’s the reason one of my businesses is called Truly Rich Ventures, LLC. 

Almost 2,000 years ago, Ben Zoma, a rabbinic sage, said something similar: 

Who is rich? 
The one who is happy with what they have.

I wear a necklace with these words in Hebrew.

True Success

Success is the feeling you get when you accomplish what (you think) you want. It’s often more fleeting than you can imagine. 

Happiness is the ability to be content with what you have. It’s often more fleeting than you can imagine. 

True success is the art of creating so much value for others that you can also turn your dreams into reality.

And that’s what’s so amazing about this career we call coaching. You get to wake up every day, help others to live a prosperous life – and do the same for yourself.

Thank you for your service. 

Love. Truly Rich


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