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Do you want to see my audition for the TV show, The Amazing Race?

I used to be terrified of being on camera. Don’t believe me? This is the start of the video audition Monique and I made for the TV show, “The Amazing Race” – back in 2006. I was so scared I could barely speak…

I look so shy, insecure and nervous. Because I truly was.

Seven years later, I partnered with Mindvalley to create a video-based program, called Evercoach. I was still just as scared, so I’d film tiny 2 minute bits where I’d barely look at the camera. I’d pretend I was confident because I was coaching someone. But the truth was it just gave me an excuse not to look at the camera! 

Fast forward seven more years and I’ve just wrapped the filming of my own program for executives who have become coaches. I filmed for 8 hours a day, five days in a row. And I had a blast. It was so much fun!  

What changed?

Well, confidence is a result, not a requirement. 

And I kept practicing.
Every week.

If you want to get good at a new skill, start by being bad at it. Then keep practicing. Seek out great feedback. And be in it for the long haul…

Love. Rich 


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