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We Learned, Played and Faced Challenges

Leadership is lonely.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

I was astounded at the caliber of people in our community who attended our last intensive.

Coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs flew in to be with us from as far as Australia and Japan, as well as from across Europe and the United States.

We learned, we played, we faced challenges, we leaned into our edges, we had fun!

Here are some of the messages I was teaching at the intensive—sometimes between my words:

1. You are unique and unorthodox and you don’t need to be alone.

2. In community, we learn how to stand alone. Together.

3. It’s easier to imitate than to originate.

4. It’s easier to see than to be seen.

5. It’s easier to love than to be loved.

6. It’s easier to follow than to lead.

7. It’s easier to chase shiny objects than to put a stake in the ground.

8. It’s easier to sit quietly than to stand out.

9. It’s easier to speed up than to slow down.

10. It’s easier to seek perfection than to take action.

11. It’s easier to read about comic book superheroes than to own where you are a Superhero.

12. You don’t need confidence. Courage is the road to action and action is the road to confidence.

13. Perfect vulnerability is perfect protection.

14. Become the person you would choose to follow.

15. Your only job is to believe what we see in you is true.

Love. Rich

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