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You have a weak point. Do you know what it is?

My personal trainer sometimes makes me carry heavy weights around the gym. 

It turns out that it doesn’t matter how strong my arms get, my grip is my weak point. 

If I want to carry heavier weights, I need to work on my grip.

Every successful person has a weak point…  

The problem with success is that it masks your weak points

The Suez Canal is an incredible feat of engineering that was constructed between 1859 and 1869. 

It has become one of the world’s busiest trade routes. 

What a success… 

It carries over 10% of global trade, which includes 7% of the global oil supply. 

But this March, powerful winds blew one of the world’s largest container ships, the Ever Given, sideways.

The Ever Given is longer than New York’s Empire State Building is tall.

And it blocked the entire Suez Canal, in Egypt, for almost a week.  

It took six days to free it. 

And that six day blockage caused over $60 billion of distortion to global trade.

If you think that’s a problem, the Straits of Malacca has grown to become one of the most important shipping lanes in the world. It links the major economies of the Middle East, China, Japan, and South Korea. It carries about 40% of global trade on over 100,000 vessels a year. 

Yet, at its narrowest point off Singapore, the strait is only 1.6 miles wide.

A single collision, one ship grounding, or one oil spill has the potential to disrupt much of the planet.  

That’s a serious weak point.

Success has traps 

Taiwan was a Covid-19 success story. 

While hundreds of millions of people around the world caught Covid and millions of people died, the 23.5 million people in Taiwan lived a relatively normal life.

Taiwan had a strong and early response and went 250 days without a single local case. 

The government and the population started to become complacent.

Hospitals stopped aggressively testing people for Covid, including those with a fever, one of the most common symptoms of the virus.

And because things were going so well, many people in Taiwan didn’t want to take the vaccine.

Success has traps… 

Now the tables have turned and the virus is spreading across the island. The poster child for outbreak prevention had failed to fully prepare an outbreak response.

There were 1,153 cases of Covid between February 2020 and May 4, 2021. But there have been over 10,000 cases in the past 30 days.

Taiwan was a victim of its own success.

What’s your weak point?

In the world of coaching and consulting, you need to beware the Boom-Bust Cycle of creating clients. 

See if this sounds familiar:

  1. You create clients. 
  2. You fill your client roster. 
  3. So, you stop creating clients.
  4. Eventually, your clients complete. 
  5. Then, you panic because you have no clients and no income. 
  6. Repeat. 

The weak point for many coaches is that they believe the only time to create clients is when they need a client. 

The truth is, you should always be creating clients.

Especially when you don’t need them!

I have a couple of friends who have million dollar clients. 

They don’t need the money. They use the fee to call out a powerful commitment from their clients, who are leaders and CEOs. 

But they never stop creating clients. 

Both have a waiting list. 

Both have clients who have reserved spots a year into the future. 

I have clients who signed up for the June start of Project Kairos, back in February. 

66 people have already signed up for our April 2022 Intensive

2 people have reserved a spot for the February 2022 start of 4PC.

AND I have a client for my Concierge Trusted Advisor program, who signed up back in March to begin working with me in July, for the next couple of years. 

There are 6 elements of The Prosperous Coach Approach 2.0 

  1. Connect 
  2. Invite 
  3. Chat 
  4. Create 
  5. Audition 
  6. Propose

Which one of them is your weak point?

Make it your mission to work on that—because right now, it is holding you back from creating the clients you truly desire. 


Love. Rich 


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