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Welcome to the 4PC Hall of Fame

An essential job as a leader is to celebrate—and elevate—your people.

That’s true if you are the CEO of a 10,000 people organization, or if you’re a coach with a team of one.

It’s also true if you lead a community.    

Your mission is to turn your clients into superheroes

And to help them see that they are superheroes

As I write, we are in the middle of our annual 4PC Accelerator. Last week—in front of 60 high-level members of our community—I was excited to announce the founding of the 4PC Hall of Fame. 

The 4PC Hall of Fame is designed to honor prominent community members who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of coaching.

These are leaders who have demonstrated courageous thinking, vision, innovation and inspirational leadership. And they have been 4PC members for a minimum of 3 years. 

They continually stretch the 4PC community to rise to a stronger and higher level. They are leaders who excel in their field. They call attention to the power and impact of high-level coaching, consulting and thought leadership.

So I am thrilled to be able to announce the first ever 4PC Hall of Fame inductees to over 30,000 people—who read this newsletter or follow me on social media. 

The first 4 members of the 4PC Hall of Fame… 

  • Are an exemplar to others in the profession
  • Are highly successful entrepreneurs—with extraordinary clients
  • Contribute to the intellectual growth of the coaching field
  • Are committed to lifelong learning
  • Are risk-takers who constantly challenge themselves and their clients

They are regarded by their peers as being among the world’s best coaches, as evidenced by empirical accomplishments in client results, professional contributions and intellectual capital.

Mandy Lehto (top left)

I’m Dr Mandy Lehto, and I coach high performers in private equity, investment banking and law.

I’ve been a single mother while in a senior investment banking job.

I nearly miscarried a baby at 21 weeks due to work stress.

I had burnout so bad, my young daughter asked me, “Mommy, are you gonna get dead?”

I’ve started a business with no clue how to do it.

I’ve been divorced twice, and had the courage to open my heart again (we’ve been married 5 years).

I could fan out my achievements and accolades, but I’m most proud of how I’ve owned the “messes” hidden behind them.

That’s what makes my clients say, “I trust you” — because their lives are messy and complicated too.

Learn more about Mandy here:

Varian Brandon (top right)

I am Varian Brandon, multiple 6 figure Business mentor, coach & trusted advisor to women leaders and entrepreneurs.

I am a space where exponential expansion occurs, in both business and life. Spending time with me, makes you a more powerful and profitable you!

I work with women entrepreneurs and leaders who are absolutely done with living according to every agenda, except their own. I help you ignite and support your audacity to do and be exactly who you were always designed to be, releasing you from the world’s pressure to be anything else. 

So, you get to run your business exactly how you want to run it, and you get to live your life exactly how you want to live it.

Learn more about Varian here: 

Teo Alfero (bottom left)

I am Teo Alfero, founder of the Wolf Connection sanctuary and creator of Wolf Therapy®, a singular program that empowers individuals dealing with psychological and emotional pain, addiction and trauma—using the human-wolf bond.

I am a transformational teacher and shamanic practitioner whose work is strongly influenced by that of Carlos Castaneda.

I am a published author, a TEDx speaker, one of the 100 Making A Difference, and a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders. I’ve been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, and other major media.

Born in Argentina, I now live with my wife and daughter and the Wolf Connection pack in California.

Learn more about Teo here: 

Christopher Lee Maher (bottom right)

I am Christopher Lee Maher, former Navy Seal, inventor and thought leader in the fields of health, wellness, and longevity.

At the age of 22, I was in my prime—1.8% body fat and one of the fittest people on the planet. But like many high performing athletes, I dealt with intense pain on a consistent basis. I was headed for a full-blown hip replacement, my hearing was shot and my vision was getting worse.

For the next 7 years, I devoted all of my energy, time and resources—5 to 6 hours a day—seeking answers to alleviate my pain. I studied Traditional Chinese Medical Practices and Western science and pathology. 

For the past 20 years, I have been developing a comprehensive system of total physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and integration. And I help clients who perform at the highest levels in sports, entertainment, business, medicine and international politics.

Learn more about Christopher here: 

A values-based award

I wanted to commemorate this accomplishment for each of the first four members of the 4PC Hall of Fame. But I didn’t want a plaque or a traditional trophy. That would be far too boring!

I did tons of research for something that would fit my deepest value—slowing down to speed up.

And I came across The Slow Dance by Wonder Machines. 

It is a stunning piece of artwork that combines principles from robotics, graphic design, meditation, music, and painting. It’s a picture frame that makes real objects appear to move in slow motion. It’s a physical reminder of the natural mystery, beauty and wonder that surrounds us every day. 

Now that’s on brand— what I call Word-of-mouth. Expensive. Not for everyone. We had one shipped across the world to each of the first inductees.

Congratulations again to Mandy, Varian, Teo and Christopher.

Love. Rich


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