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“What if I fail?”

I’ve got 3 podcast episodes to share with you today!


Episode 4: “What if I fail?”

Tony was responsible for the finances of a billion dollar corporation. Sarah got a PhD in archaeology at the age of 27. Monica became a manager in the corporate world at 28.

Tony went on to build a successful financial consulting business. Sarah built an oversubscribed coaching business. Monica became a leader in an Austrian bank, responsible for sales of more than 10 million Euros a year.

But extraordinary top performers are very human… 

Listen to me coach a finance wizard who couldn’t see his own genius. A brilliant researcher who had forgotten how brilliant she is. And a highly successful leader who was being held back by her fear of failure.

Episode 5: “It’s meant to be hard”

In the first part of this episode I take an inside look at 2 of the guilty secrets of extraordinary top performers. 

Maybe you or your clients have a voice in your head that says, “I have everything I ever wanted but I still feel empty…” Maybe you know the thought, “Everyone is in awe of my success but on the inside I feel lazy…”

In the second part of this episode we talk about the fear that comes when building a word of mouth business. Especially when we hear all the noise about how you’re ‘supposed’ to build a business – with funnels and lists, etc.

Episode 6: “You selfish bastard…”

Rene had the courage to leave a 28 year successful corporate career, two years before her official retirement, to become a professional coach. 

Dan has a background rehabilitating some of the most dangerous and violent criminal offenders in the world, before becoming a professional coach. 

They each came to me with a question. But a great coach doesn’t have to answer the questions their clients ask… 

Instead, I tell stories and mess with their thinking. And in the silence you hear each of them have an insight which will ripple out into their future…

Enjoy all this week’s episodes.

Love. Rich 


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