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What Kind Of Coach Are You?

A poor coach informs.
A good coach explains.
An excellent coach demonstrates.
A great coach inspires.

A masterful coach creates the space for miracles to occur.
(And their clients think they did it themselves!)

A masterful coach also intentionally creates space for themselves.

“Creating space” is part of my personal manifesto. I create space for miracles to occur. I have rituals for: my mornings, deep work, time in nature, exercise, and switching off.

I also very intentionally create space for learning and growth. I create space to work on my business, instead of only in my business.

And I enlist the support of my team and my coaches to help me do that. (I recently introduced you to “The Woman Who’s in Charge of Me!” and in 2017, I had 11 different coaches because I never stop investing in myself.)

We create our intensives to be the best professional development for a coach, where you can intentionally create space for your learning and growth. They are a space for you to work on your business, instead of only in your business.

Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, wrote:

There’s a type of great coach… A mysterious type who often go overlooked, because what they do doesn’t look like coaching. It looks more like magic…”

That’s what WE do. Come and experience our magic and we’ll help draw out your magic.

Join us at our next Intensive on October 4-7, 2018, here in Los Angeles.

There are only 8 tickets left at $1597. (After those are gone, the price will go up by $300.)

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