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What’s Your Problem

Most coaching is remedial.

99% of coaches use this approach.

Tell me your problem and I’ll help you fix it.

Then, when you’ve fixed it, tell me your next problem…


Michael Neill tells a lovely story of a carpenter who visits a coach.

Can you help my business, asks the carpenter?

Sure, says the coach. You need a social media strategy. And a PR policy. And you should definitely write a business plan. And I can help you with all of them.

An hour of advice later, the carpenter gets up to leave.

The coach looks up and says, Oh, by the way, what’s your name?

The carpenter looks deeply into the coach’s eyes and replies, My name is Jesus.


The job of an extraordinary coach is to relentlessly seek out the genius of the person in front of them.

Don’t accept the problems they believe they have.

Don’t answer (the first) questions they ask you.

Don’t let them convince you they are anything less than powerful.

Search for a glimpse of their genius.

And then be unrelenting in believing in them.


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If you want to be an extraordinary coach, stop solving the ‘problems’ your clients bring to the table.

Instead, dive deeper into their dreams and their desires than they’ve ever dared to go.

Help them dream bigger than they’ve ever dreamed.

And then help them get there.

One tiny step at a time.

They’ll both love you and hate you.

And they’ll be grateful to you for ever…

Love. Rich


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