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What’s your sign?

A missing teenager from North Carolina was rescued by the police after she signaled for help, using a special hand gesture.

A motorist in Kentucky called 911 when he saw a female passenger in a vehicle making hand gestures that are known on Tik Tok to represent violence at home.

To signal “I need help — domestic violence,” you hold up your hand, with your palm facing out. Then you tuck your thumb into your hand and close your fingers over your thumb.

I’m glad the young girl is safe. That gesture is a fantastic idea. 

But here’s the thing. You’re constantly giving off signs… 

Here’s the label on the inside of a kid’s jacket made by the British department store, John Lewis: 

What a great sign this is sending to a potential buyer about the jacket’s durability. 

You’re constantly giving off signs. Everyone sees them but when was the last time you checked in on them?

I need a client… I’m afraid of speaking in public… Life is full of scarcity… I wish my boss liked me more… I hope the Board approves my new vision for the company… VCs are predators but we need an investment…

I’ve got this… You need me more than I need you… I’m your peer… I’m the expert here… I don’t need your money… I’m here to serve you, not to please you… My time is my most precious asset… 

Time for an inventory.

1. What signs are you giving off?

2. What results are you creating? And what clues does that give you about the signs you are giving off?

3. What results are you keeping out? And what clues does that give you about the signs you are giving off?

As always, these are also great questions to use for yourself and to take your clients through. 

Love. Rich


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