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When You’re Not A 10 For Someone

A few weekends ago, Monique and I stayed at the Sunrise Springs Spa, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where we visited their Puppy Enrichment Center.

They train English Labradors to be service dogs for people with traumatic brain injuries, combat injuries and emotional and anxiety disorders. For example, if a child has to go to court to testify in a really traumatic case, these beautiful puppies are trained to rest their head in the child’s lap, to allow them to relax and to restore their confidence.

What they do at this center is amazing.

I signed up for a 90 minute session to play with the puppies.

And here’s where it got interesting for me…

After about 6 minutes I was done!

They were super cute. And the difference they make in the world is amazing.

But after 6 minutes of playing with them, I was complete. And with an awkward thank you, I said goodbye to their slightly surprised trainer!

You are not a 10/10 for some people.

And that’s ok.

Those puppies weren’t a 10/10 for me.

And that’s ok.

It means nothing about the puppies. (Ok, it might mean something about me!)

Stop worrying about what people think about you.

Go find your 10s.

And if you’re not a 10 for someone, you know what it means?


Go find your 10s.

Love. Rich

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