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There are 2 ways to make a million dollars as a coach…

The best thing about taking three months off in the summer is that it frees my mind to dream and scheme. And boy have I been scheming…

I have two ideas for you based on the two main ways to make a million dollars as a coach:

  1. As a top tier Prosperous Coach: with ten $100K clients. 
  2. As a top tier Influential Coach: with high-fee clients, high-end group coaching, a large audience, plus self-paced programs and products that make money while you sleep. 

I’ve been dreaming, scheming and planning two completely new programs to provoke your thinking and uplevel your skills. You can’t reserve your spot yet but I thought it would be fun to give you a heads-up!

1. $100K Clients: How to find them, coach them and keep them.

Here’s a teaser… You’ll learn how to:

  • Establish credibility & highlight your unique value – to demonstrate your capabilities to high-level leaders. You’ll be able to highlight your unique value proposition, reflecting it in your branding and communications.
  • Stand firm on your value and confidently discuss your fees. You’ll develop a clear, confident explanation for your pricing. You’ll learn how to stand firm on your value and negotiate on service, but never on fees.
  • Exceed client expectations by drawing out their objectives – as well as their secret desires and hidden pain – in order to truly astonish them. 
  • Speak truth to clients without fear, even when there’s a risk they might not like what you say. 

2. One Milllllion Dollars: How to make your first million as a coach. Or your next… 

Here’s a teaser… You’ll learn:

  • How to forge a powerful brand
  • Why you must turn away clients who are a 7 out of 10. 
  • How to leverage group coaching and online programs. 
  • How to build an audience and build a high-end community
  • How to set your aspirational hourly rate. And why you need to delegate anything that costs less than that amount. Mine is currently $10,000/hour. 
  • Why 80% of your clients next year should be the caliber of your current top 20% clients
  • Why you need to put me-time on your calendar before anything related to business. 

Each of these programs will be three 2-hour Zoom calls. I’ll be teaching, plus there will be live Q&A. You’ll get the video and audio recordings, and transcripts from each session.

Early bird price is $495 each, or $795 for both. The full price will be $695 each. 

You can’t sign up yet, or even learn more about them! Trust me, that’s coming.

Love. Rich



PS. Why wait? Use your courage right now to join me at the RLI, or reserve your spot on the 90 Day Money Game.

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