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“Will you let me be your coach?”

I’ve shared with you three of the videos in a series I recorded for our online Tribe called Evercoach and this is the final video in the series. As I’ve mentioned, these videos were created to introduce people to the Evercoach Tribe, but there are great bite-sized videos.

Today I’m sharing the final video in the series:

Lesson 4 : How to Confidently Propose Your High-Value Coaching Package –

Vid 4-How to Confidently Propose 7-2-16

“Will you let me be your coach?”

It’s a big question. It’s a life-changing question. Because you’re asking someone for long-term commitment that puts their life and their goals in your hands.

With so much at stake, it can be nerve wrecking. The nervousness you felt when asking someone you’ve a massive crush on out pales in comparison!

It’s like you’ve never felt so intensely scared of…


The possibility of rejection is especially more stressful if you’re proposing a coaching package at rates higher than ever before. You’re also scared that after serving someone so powerfully, their rejection could make you feel like you’re not good enough.

What if you were no longer held back by the fear of rejection? What if getting rejected no longer matters? How many high-value proposals will you have the courage to make then?

In this video, you will learn how to reframe your approach on proposals and reframe how you see rejection so that you’re armed with a prosperous mindset that makes pitching high-value proposals fun and easy.

When it becomes fun and easy to propose high-value coaching packages, getting the clients that will give you a successful coaching practice with the freedom you desire will result naturally.

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