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The worst words a potential client can ever say to you – and 6 great responses

Did you ever get put in the “friend zone“ when you were dating? You really liked someone, but you weren’t bold enough to tell them, and all they wanted was to be friends.

The friend zone sucks. 

The client creation equivalent of the friend zone is when you hear the following five words:

Can I think about it?

So what do you do when a prospective client says this to you?

Here are 6 possible ways to respond…

  1. “Yes. Take all the time you need. But don’t think about it. Call it a clear Hell No. Decide right now that it’s a clear no, and then let your body, mind, and intuition come up with all the reasons why it would be great for you. If you can’t come up with these reasons, it stays a no.”
  2. “Certainly. And let’s take coaching off the table for now. That way, you don’t need to feel any sense of guilt or obligation to me. If you want to get back in touch with me, you will. And if not, someone else will take that spot. And that’s perfect.”
  3. “Absolutely. Not everyone is ready for coaching the first time I speak to them.”
  4. “Sure. Would you like me to reserve this spot for you for 48 hours so no one else can get it, or are you happy for me to talk to others about it?”
  5. “Can you think about it? You must! If you had said, “I love this. I’m in. How do I pay you?” I would have replied, “You can’t pay me yet… Sleep on it. If you wake up feeling like a Hell Yes, contact me. And if it’s a Hell Yes for me, too, we’ll make it happen.”
  6. “Do you want a low-flame answer, or a high-flame one?!” 

[Wait for their reply…] 

[If they ask for low flame]: “Take all the time you need. Maybe this isn’t for you. Let’s call it a no for now.”

[If they ask for high flame]: “If this isn’t an 11/10 for you, you MUST say no. And if it’s a 7/10 or less, you HAVE TO be a HELL NO. 

But if it’s an 8, 9, or 10 out of 10, you should tell me… Because we’ll meet again for an hour and we’ll scheme together to turn it into an 11. 

If we get there, you’ll know in every cell of your body. And if you don’t get to an 11/10, you’ll know in every cell of your body. 

So, would you like to put a follow-up call on the calendar, or shall we call it a no for now?”

Which response do you like best?

Love. Rich


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