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Yes or No?

Your mission is almost always to get people into a deep conversation with you, to experience your coaching, rather than to discuss your coaching. But sometimes people want to know whether or not they’re a good fit, before they ever get on a call with you. 

So many people have asked me whether or not they are a fit for my 3 flagship programs, that I’ve worked hard to make things simple. 

And there’s nothing simpler than Yes or No… 

1. Project Kairos or Transition Excellence

PK or TE are for you, if you want to create high-performing, high-fee clients. One of them is your perfect next jump if these seven things are true:

  1. Leadership: You’re not afraid to lead. You’re known as a leader (whether as an executive, or as an entrepreneur, or in your family. Or all three).  YES/NO 
  2. Serving vs Selling: You’re familiar with The Prosperous Coach Approach to enrolling clients. And you are ready to create (or grow) your practice of high-performing, high-fee clients.  YES/NO 
  3. High touch vs high tech: You are willing to put internet marketing to one side, while you create clients one powerful conversation at a time.  YES/NO 
  4. Longevity: You’re in the coaching/consulting field for the long haul. You have the resources so that you don’t “need” clients, even if you want them.  YES/NO 
  5. Bias for action: When you’re 70% ready, you go. You don’t wait for perfection. You don’t need tons of information before you begin.  YES/NO 
  6. Risk: You’re a risk taker by nature. You’re not afraid to fail or make mistakes. You’re willing to collect NOs.  YES/NO 
  7. Contribution: You’re a giver. When you join a community, people are grateful you are there.  YES/NO 

If you’re a yes to all 7, how do you choose between PK and TE?

(a) Project Kairos is an 11 month program, in a private group of 30 coaches. It is like having your own personal and confidential Board of Directors, led personally by me. There are 90 minute group coaching sessions, twice a month. You also have access to a membership center for questions and support from me, between our calls. Plus, you receive a complimentary ticket to the next Rich Litvin Intensive (value: $2,297). There are currently 19 spots remaining. Your investment is $13,500 or 10 installments of $1,500. 

(b) Transition Excellence is a 100 day training. It is self-paced, based on a series of video modules. Plus, you get the chance to put your questions to me and my coaching team, in group calls, twice a month. TE is ICF accredited. You can complete in a minimum of 100 days but you have access for up to 6 months. And you are part of a private member group. Your investment is $6,950.

2. 4PC 

4PC is for you, if you are seeking a community of high-level leaders—top performers, like you—to stretch you to your next level. It’s your perfect next jump if these seven things are true: 

  1. Impact: You are driven and talented. You have a bigger mission ahead of you than you have behind you.  YES/NO 
  2. Income: You can choose long-term impact over short-term income and cash flow.  YES/NO 
  3. Ambition: You set the bar high for clients, collaborators and community. You continually raise the bar—for yourself and those around you.  YES/NO 
  4. Rule breaking: You’ve been a rule breaker your whole life. You’re not afraid of risks. You’re willing to risk your current success to get to the next level.  YES/NO 
  5. Problem solving: You love challenges. When someone says, “That’s impossible.” You say, “Wait and see!”  YES/NO 
  6. Fascinating people: Leadership is more lonely than people know. You’re tired of being the most interesting person in the room. You want to spend time with people who challenge, fascinate and inspire you.  YES/NO 
  7. Contribution: You’re a giver. When you join a community, people are grateful you are there.  YES/NO 

4PC is like joining a private club for top performers. It is by application only. And there are two prerequisites: you have a track record of success behind you, and a big mission ahead of you. 

In 4PC, you have access to a huge array of support and connection: Up to 6 hours of group coaching a month. Two private 4PC Intensives a year. Two special 4PC days a year. A membership center for daily support from me—and a community of 30 leaders and coaches—to challenge, support and stretch you. Plus, included in your membership is a gift ticket to the annual Rich Litvin Intensive (value: $2,297) and a gift ticket to the 4PC Accelerator (value: $6,000). Your investment is $22,500/year or 10 installments of $2,500. Members make a minimum 3 year commitment.

Sometimes you simply need to ask people to say Yes or No. 

After that, they’ll know what to do… 

Love. Rich 

PS. Project Kairos just began but it’s not too late to join me. You’ll get the recordings of the calls you miss. Master Creating Clients in the last Project Kairos I will ever run. Sign up now, and you still get a gift ticket to my upcoming program: $100K Clients


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