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You are more powerful than you know. And you can do more than you think.

I won’t lie. There have been times this year where I’ve felt afraid and confused. I’ve struggled homeschooling my kids (and I was once a Vice Principal and I have a Master’s Degree in Educational Effectiveness). And there have been times where I’ve felt emotionally and physically exhausted. 

This has been a challenging year in many ways. But as coaches and leaders we wake up every day with the ability to create our lives, rather than report on them. 

I’m a leader. And a leader has 3 jobs:

  1. Serve. Serve yourself first. Take care of you. 
  2. Lead. Lead unapologetically—but apologize when needed. (You’re a leader. Get comfortable with paradox). 
  3. Serve. Serve others so powerfully that they never forget how you made them feel. Ever.

You are more powerful than you know. And you can do more than you think. 

Where have you been at cause, this year? What have you created, in the face of uncertainty? How have you given back and made a difference?

In 2019, I told my team we needed a new one-line business plan. Our plan was simple: 

We can make any idea or opportunity happen in two weeks or less. 

I had no idea at the time just how impactful—and essential—that plan would be in 2020. Here’s what it looked like in action:

  • When the pandemic began I launched a coaching program for 100 days, to support coaches in my community. 
  • I created a Playbook for Coaching in Challenging Times. I created an FAQ for great leaders who want to be great coaches, called The Rules. I published my Manifesto. And I published a playbook for the other side of success, called Rich’s Rules. They’ve each been downloaded thousands of times. I’m very proud of them. 
  • I launched a Facebook group, called Serve, Lead, Serve, to support coaches who might not even know me. It’s grown to 4,000 members in the past 7 months. 
  • From March until July, I got up at 5.30am to lead early morning support calls, three days a week. I ran calls for the members of 4PC and for members of my wider community. 
  • We pivoted our live events and ran our first virtual Intensive. We got feedback from people who have attended more than 9 live events that it was our best Intensive yet. 
  • I gifted 6 months of membership to every member of 4PC. It cost me $337,000. But it was an investment in the incredible leaders of my community. 
  • I partnered with my wife, in business, for the first time ever. We created The Kaleo Project, for a group of 30 Black and African-American leaders and coaches. We covered the $5,000 cost of membership for every member. 
  • I launched and ran our first ever 4PC Accelerator, to give high-level coaches an experience of the way I challenge and stretch the members of 4PC. 
  • I launched Transition Excellence—our online program for successful executives and entrepreneurs who’ve transitioned into coaching. 
  • I didn’t stop writing. This is my 103rd article this year. 
  • I didn’t stop creating. I recorded 50 podcast episodes and 18 videos. 
  • And I didn’t stop coaching.

This is a photo of 4PC, when I surprised them with a magic show from a world-class magician!

You are more powerful than you know. And you can do more than you think.

There’s one thing you can be certain of, into the future, your clients will always need your support. And no one wants support from a struggling coach. The members of 4PC have been super creative this year. And they’re thriving. 

You have to be creative in the face of uncertainty. You have to make an impact when everyone else is afraid (including you). You have to keep your focus when everyone around you is losing theirs. Why else would clients want to work with you in challenging times? 

This was a year I had planned to do more traveling than in years. We had rented a castle in England for a 4PC Intensive. And we also had plans, as a family, to visit France, India and Tanzania. The universe apparently had other plans… However, I still got to visit my family in London in February. We took the kids to Palm Springs in the summer and Joshua Tree in the fall. And Monique and I managed to get 3 nights alone in San Diego, before the year was out. 

You are more powerful than you know. And you can do more than you think.

Love. Rich 


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