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You are not the product

Don’t sell “coaching.”

Never sell “you.”

Help your clients see their dreams as possibilities.

Serve them so powerfully that they never forget your conversation for the rest of their life.

Then let them decide if they want to invest in their dreams.

How can I create a week that makes me feel alive?

On the final day of my recent Intensive, I coached an extraordinary woman named Gabrielle.

When she was 25 years old, Gabrielle was making $150,000 a year, as a personal trainer. At the time, she only worked 20 hours a week, which means that, almost ten years ago, she earned an annual equivalent of $300,000.

For most 25 year olds, that would be pretty extraordinary. But it wasn’t for Gabrielle. She was simply doing what she loved to do. Her business was exclusively by word of mouth. Invitation and referral, alone. That’s the platinum standard of any business.

For the past 7 years she’s drawn her attention inwards. She’s been mastering her craft.

She’s been studying and learning and practicing, in order to become world-class in her field. 

She’s made less money for a while. But now she is ready to uplevel every aspect of her game.

She wants to make $4 million a year. She wants celebrity and ultra-high net worth clients. She wants to be recognized as an expert.

I believe in her.

In fact, I trust her so much I gave her a leadership role in front of 300 people at the intensive.

She trusts me.

She let me dive deep and coach her in front of the 300 people she’d been teaching for the past 8 days.

That takes real courage.

“How can I create a week that makes me feel alive?” was the question I created for Gabrielle.

It not only impacted her deeply but it left a ripple of insights for everyone at the Intensive. 

You can watch that coaching experience, right here. It’s full of deep coaching, edgy questions, real honesty, enrolling high-level clients, the skills of building a word-of-mouth business, the power of competing commitments and fear of success. 

Love. Rich


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