I have written every day for the past 10 years. If you like to read, I've got your back - and I promise to challenge your thinking

You are…

you are
more powerful than you remember
and braver
than you know

collect NOs
learn from failure
connect with real people
make bold proposals
and outrageous requests

create sexy work
but remember to create cash
think real big
but take tiny steps

every week turn around
and ask yourself
what are you proud of

you do not need confidence
you do need courage
you’ll feel afraid (it’s the clue you’re on the right path)
but you can do fear…

take “believe in myself” off your to do list
find someone who believes in you—deeply
then build a community of believers

anyone can be instagram perfect
so stop comparing how you feel with how they look
you’ll stand out most when you shed your tears in public
and you don’t have to understand it but people will love your messy

put family and fun ahead of profit
put profit ahead of revenue
and put everything ahead of answering other people’s emails

meet interesting people
serve them powerfully
then repeat
for ever

you are closer to success than you could possibly imagine
serve one person
or create one thing
every day
and if you don’t believe me
still serve and create
because you never know

Love. Rich 

[poem inspired by Adam Robinson]


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