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You can do scared

The best part of trampolining is what my boys call Double Bouncing. When I bounce with them and we land at the same time, I make them fly really high!

It’s a little scary for them but it’s also so much fun.

Last week, Ellington landed badly. He rolled his ankle. We had to go to the emergency room. He cried a lot. And he had to wear a splint for a week. (He’s fine, now. There were no breaks. And he’s already running around again).

If you ask me about my mission, or my goals, they change from month to month and year to year. But what never changes is my compass.

My compass is the ground rule I use to always point me in the right direction. 

Do what excites you and scares you… 

Too excited and you’re not grounded. Too scared and you can’t take action. But that fine line between fear and excitement – that’s the path. 

If you take the comfortable path you won’t get hurt. You’ll stay safe. You won’t feel afraid.

Sometimes when you take the scary path, you’ll get hurt, you’ll feel uncomfortable and you’ll definitely feel scared.

But you can do scared.

Love. Rich 


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