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You Don’t Need to Be Ready

My wife and I came across an innovative swim teacher who works with toddlers. And he helped me see a distinction that separates Professional Coaches from Struggling Coaches.

You see, he has a great track record for helping kids learn to swim underwater in just a few days. But his process is intense. The kids all cry on the first day. Many cry for the first few days he works with them. And many parents find the crying of their little ones intolerable and don’t see the course through.

Here’s how he puts it:

“Learning to swim does not have to be fun. It is being able to swim that is fun. The learning process is often difficult and learning to swim is a process.

There is also no specific point at which a child is magically “ready” to swim, some may never seem ready. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a pre-schooler who does not want to put his face in the water. Why would he? What is fun about not being able to breathe or see clearly? But readiness is irrelevant.”

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Many coaches quit the profession or go on indefinitely without results because of a fundamental misunderstanding:

Learning to create clients does not have to be fun. It is being able to create clients that is fun.

The learning process is often difficult and learning to create clients is a process. It involves deep inner work, a willingness to say to your clients what no one else would dare to say, an exceptional understanding of the power of language. And a willingness to fail—again and again and again.

The combination of these skills provides most coaches with the necessary skills to increase their income and impact—and to help their clients do the same.

There is no specific point at which a coach is magically “ready” to make bold proposals—some may never seem ready.

But readiness is irrelevant.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a coach who does not have a desire to fail.

Why would she? What is fun about taking risks and feeling uncomfortable?

But it’s the only real path to long-lasting success as a coach.

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