I have written every day for the past 10 years. If you like to read, I've got your back - and I promise to challenge your thinking

You were born for this moment

If you are a coach who has transitioned from leadership in another field, been burned out at the top of your career, overcome adversity yourself or helped other leaders navigate challenges, then you are ready.

You’ve handled challenging times before… And you’ve come through on the other side. You know how to mitigate risk. You know how to face challenges head on. You know how to speak truth to power. You are values driven. You are not afraid to lead. And you have a service mindset.

I’ve been bullied. I’ve been fired. I’ve struggled financially. I’ve felt lonely. I’ve lost loved ones. I’ve also coached clients who’ve lost children, had life threatening illnesses, had miscarriages and been through bankruptcy. And I’ve been privy to the secret challenges of elite clients, from Navy Seals to multi-millionaires. (Hint: they have the same challenges as the rest of us!)

You are ready. And we’ve got your back.

I made a difficult decision 

I place a really high value on community. I literally cried when I chose to put our live Intensive on hold and create a virtual experience instead. I love bringing high level coaches together, in person. And our events are extraordinary. 

But I have one value that is higher than my value of connection. It’s the value of service.

And when it was clear that California would be completely closed to travel or even to leaving our homes – I made a decision that we wouldn’t put you on hold. We’d serve you, right now

On April 30, I am not leading a 4 day live Intensive, I am leading a 21 day experience, over Zoom, where I will teach you and coach you and give you my very best tools for thriving in challenging circumstances. It’s all recorded, too.

If you have always wanted to attend an Intensive but California was too far to come, now’s your moment. If you have always wanted to be in a room being taught and coached in a group, by me, now’s your moment.

This is for you, if you are:

  1. An executive coach who now has to work from home
  2. A coach or consultant who is committed to thriving in uncertain times
  3. A coach who is committed to helping others thrive in challenging circumstances
  4. A coach who is now balancing work with homeschooling their kids (me too, that’s why I was up at 5am, writing this!)

There are 3 ways to get through challenging times…

  1. Serve yourself (self-care is more essential than ever, right now) 
  2. Step into leadership (action is more important than reaction – even if you feel afraid)
  3. Serve your butt off (serving others is a long-term mindset and it changes everything)

I won’t pretend that I have all the answers. I have felt overwhelmed, confused and afraid myself, many times, in recent days.

But I will tell you that we are stronger together.

Love. Rich

PS. If you haven’t yet seen it, please watch the 90 minute session I ran this week. I share the very best of my tools and insights to support you on how to lead in uncertain times.  

PPS. I’d like to invite you to the pop-up Facebook group I’ve created to support our entire community through the weeks ahead. 

PPS. I grew my business during the worst economic crisis in recent history. Even in challenging circumstances, you can thrive. Come join me and some of the most extraordinary coaches in my community. 


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