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People only buy 4 things

People only buy four things. Time, money, status and peace of mind. 

If you try to sell something other than those four things you will fail. When you sell all four you will thrive. 

If you want to be successful make sure you let people know how working with you will lead them to more time, money, status and peace of mind.

Don’t believe it? Let me model this for you right now for a meditation coach.

Here’s some generic copy I found on a meditation website: “Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, promote health and well-being, and maintain a positive and relaxed attitude to life.”

Let’s upgrade that for a coach who teaches meditation in the corporate world: “Meditation helps you develop inner peace in your daily life. When you have more inner peace, people trust you. They take you more seriously because they see that you don’t feel insecure in challenging moments. When you are more secure, you feel more confident and you are taken more seriously by your boss, your board, or your customers. Imagine how your increased confidence and inner peace will impact your salary and opportunities for promotion. Of course, if you don’t get that promotion, you’ll feel confident from the inside-out, anyway…”

Practice this right now. Take five minutes to write down how working with you will lead to more time, money, status and peace of mind. 

Love. Rich 


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