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What are you proud of?

If you are a coach or entrepreneur who is driven and ambitious, I know 3 things about you that most people never see…

  1. You are constantly focused on the future, always asking, “What’s next?”
  2. You love what you do so much that you never truly switch off.
  3. When you accomplish a goal, you celebrate for about 5.5 seconds, before you criticize yourself for not dreaming big enough, or you immediately set an even more ambitious goal!

Your relentless drive propels you forward. It’s what makes you stand out in a crowd. Don’t let go of it. 

But your ambition has a cost.

Your unrelenting focus on the future can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. And your constant striving can result in high stress levels, fatigue, and burnout.

The blessing and the curse of being an entrepreneur is that we are always looking into the future and we rarely turn around to see how much we have accomplished.

It’s easier to focus on what hasn’t happened, or what results you haven’t created, or where you feel stuck.

So let’s do the opposite for a moment. 

Let’s celebrate a little.

And remember: it’s not bragging if you’ve done it!

As you know, the first few months of this year have been the most challenging I’ve faced on a personal level, possibly ever. However…

At the very same time, I’ve been super creative and had a ton of fun. I took 4PC to Curaçao. I launched The 90 Day Money Game, How to Coach a Superhero, two California Deep Dives, The 4PC Accelerator, and Confidence In Action. I wrapped up a program called Transition Excellence and transitioned it into Project Kairos

I also had a weekend retreat with my Men’s Group in Malibu. I took each of my boys for separate dad-son trips to Palm Springs. I traveled to New York and Rhode Island. And we had a family trip to San Diego.

Plus, I’m currently designing a program called “One Milllllion Dollars: How to Make Your First Million As A Coach” (“Milllllion,” of course, is pronounced like you’re Dr Evil in an Austin Powers movie!). I’m designing a program called Outrageous October. I’ve planned our next 4PC Intensive in Lake Como. And I’ve planned a summer family adventure that includes England, Italy and Wyoming. Phew! 

Your turn. What are YOU proud of? 

  1. Process Goals: How many people have you connected with? How many people have you invited? How many people have you coached? How much money have you made in proposals? How many NOs have you collected? What did you do that scared you?
  2. Outcome Goals: How many great clients have you coached? How much money have you generated in income?

Love. Rich


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